Monday, November 18, 2013

Round Robin-Round 2

Oh man, I had all kinds of things go wrong when it came to my turn on this assignment. First I was KO'd by my daughter's cold on the day I was supposed to post. Then, we had issues come up that required us to be at the build site this weekend. Then today it was one thing after another, culminating in my Bamboo stylus deciding that it wasn't going to talk to my tablet. I had to put this piece together with my mouse. Which, while I'm glad I had the option, was like working with a brick. Ugh.

All of that to say "Yay, I'm done!"  This week Marsha will be kicking off our Round Robin. Keep an eye out for it!

Party Animals!
I talked with the others about how I was trying to be too perfect, and it was freezing me up from actually experimenting, which is what this whole thing is about. Amy suggested a time limit. Considering that I have a habit of revising as I work, and I am rather slow to begin with, I thought this was a good idea. I did my section from concept to completion in twenty minutes: sketch, color, scan, add, edit, post. Holy moly was it fast, and the racoons are more than a little rough, but it was good practice.


  1. Those guys get into everything! Really fun illo, Diandra!

  2. The round-robin is such a fun idea! Love it!

  3. Oh, those bad ol' raccoons! Esp. like the one guzzling cookies straight from the jar.


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