Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Round Robin-Round 1

November is one of my favorite months because there's just something about it that incites inspiration. This is perfect, as every year I participate in #PiBoIdMo. This year I can feel something shifting and the itch to explore that is getting worse. I want to play, experiment, and push myself to try something new. It's time to try new materials and figure out new technique. Where this is going, I have no idea. Isn't artistic growth great? ha!

Helping me along in this quest are Girllustrators Amy Farrier and Marsha Riti. We were talking about wanting to experiment, and they agreed to play along to see what happened. We're doing an old fashioned spin of Round Robin. For the next three weeks one of us will post a new image on Tuesday, then the others will add to that image on their consecutive days. If a narrative develops, great. If it's purely decorative, great.

I'm really looking forward to see what comes of this as Amy has a wonderful, loose quality to her work that I envy and Marsha's work has so much character.

Here is my contribution to this week's round:

Channeling James Marshall, apparently.

Obviously, I really need to work on loosening up. I started with the leaves, but then got pulled into having a narrative and a character. Making it more complicated then it needed to be. Next time I want to go more abstract and get a little more texture and energy into my pieces.

You can see where Amy takes this piece here. And you can see the final piece at Marsha's blog here


  1. That is a super cute (and tormented!) fox. Love him!

  2. Wonderful! Just love your fox. :)


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