What is a Sweet Square?

Sweet Square is the name I've given a month-long exercise in artistic experimentation. The idea was inspired by author-illustrator Melissa Sweet after attending a presentation she shared at the SCBWI Summer Conference last month. Melissa graciously shared ten rules for growing as an artist, and the first rule was to work every day.

In that spirit, I have decided to create a small piece of art (a square) every day for the month of September. I am going to try new media, new techniques, and just play around and see where it leads me. The goal is not about final product, but the enjoyment the process of creation brings. I also hope to become more aware of where possible twists and turns in being playful with my art could lead me.

Can I play too?
Definitely! I will have a linky tool at the bottom of every daily post. Simply create your square (or rectangle, or whatever shape you're working with), blog about it, then click on your blog post so that the url in your address bar is for that post (not your blog's address). Copy the static link, come to my blog, and enter your link into the form found at the bottom of the daily post. The link to your blog will appear, and anyone checking out the Sweet Squares blog party will be able to see your work. Also, if you tweet about your square, use the #sweetsquares hashtag on Twitter so other participants can see you. 

*A widget for Sweet Squares is in production. Once completed, it will be posted on this page. You will be able to take the jpeg and html code and place it on your blog to show your participation.