Saturday, February 14, 2009


This guy is a long way from finished (This is his underpainting/silhouette), but I wanted to share him with you. Every time I look at him, I want to snort with laughter. You can just tell he's always up to no good! I think a story is percolating about him...we shall see. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(2/15) Man oh man, I canNOT concentrate today. I'm working- sporadically. Argh! having a computer in your studio can be a very bad thing sometimes.
Here he is at stage 2. Looking a little day of the dead, isn't he? heehee..Here he is a little closer to finished. Not so ghoulish, and a little more charming. :)

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  1. Spike is full of life and he's not even done yet! Great work!

    Oh and thanks for your advice about the light box. I got the Light Tracer II for my birtday and I just love it.

    Here's my blog, too...


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