Thursday, February 12, 2009

Choo Choo!

I'm still here...chugging away on all of my little projects. Here's a peek at one of my w.i.p. boards. These two pieces are pretty close to being complete. I just need to add a little ink and then it's on to the next! I recently purchased a small set of acrylic paints. No biggie, but this time I picked the professional grade series. I almost broke a sweat when it came to pay for them, but I can say that they are very much worth it! Things are happening so smoothly I'm in a constant state of glee. Isn't it great when you get to do what you love and have even more fun doing it than you have previously? I sure do!

p.s.- If you haven't discovered the Brown Bookshelf yet (what IS the matter with you?), why don't you skedaddle over there and acquaint yourself with some truly awesome talent. Wonderful stuff.

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