Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Final Results

Here's a last look at the Sweet Squares! If you manage to create a quilt of your squares (I did mine in Photoshop), comment with the link so that we can share in the progress last month.


  1. Diandra, Thanks so much for creating this challenge. I loved taking part in it and was able to try out new ideas and techniques. Here's the collage of my squares: http://www.sylvialiuland.com/2012/10/sweet-squares-collage.html

  2. Hi Diandra, This was really a lot of fun. Thanks for starting this great challenge! I still have a couple days to go (after starting late), but plan to continue long beyond the 30 days. You can never stop learning and exploring right!? Thanks again! -Kelli

    You can see a collage of squares so far here: http://kellithrasher-brooks.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks you two! Yeah, I had intended to do 30 squares, but I got knocked sideways when our house was hit with awful colds. I was done in. ;) But wonderful job, and I hope you keep up the habit!

  4. Hey Diandra,
    I love this work- very fresh and free.
    The green elephant is my favourite... I don't know why but he is just very striking!
    I'm at art school and looking to improve my drawing & painting abilities- maybe taking part in something like this would help me loosen up and work better with colours & compositions


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