Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Things....

Obviously I've not been fully participating in the blogosphere as wholly as I have in the past. I haven't let that bother me as it seems my whole posse took an extended hiatus this summer. Life got in the way for all of us.

Me, I've been mostly wrapped up in this:
Peanut-buttered bananas are the best!

I was a little artsy this summer. I sketched in preparation of a personal project:
I changed up that bear painting I showed a while back. It's finished...well it's framed anyway, and it would a pain in the butt to get it out, so it's as finished as it can be without creating major hassle for myself.

I also completely changed up a room in our new house into a working studio for me. I'm not done just yet, but when I am I will post pics of my fab-o citron (you read that right) studio!

I can show you another room I worked on, though.

This is my son's room...I think the color was called Clover Leaf. My entire goal was a room that has a touch of the forest.
I took some inpiration from Mary Blair... and threw some more paint up on the walls. They were going to be complete silhouettes, but I kind of liked the line drawing feel they had, so I kept them that way. I can always go back later and fill them in if I want.
Then I found these fabulous counting cards on Eeboo by the incomparable artist Melissa Sweet. There are ten cards, each featuring a numbered set of birds. This was something I was originally going to attempt to do myself, but then I discovered these cards and thought, "Why not give a professional her props?" The cards now hang strategically in the trees around the room, and are so fun. Baby C is always pointing at them and the trees.Right now I have a mini forest in the room, along with a moon, a "lodge" quilt and several teddy bears. I'm looking now for a shag rug that evokes "forest floor," although I think a faux teddy bear rug would be uber-adorable. I saw a moose rocker (on Ikea I think) and it's definitely on my list. Also slated for production is a mobile of paper-mache forest critters. I was going to do birds, but they've been covered plenty I think.

Whew....what a long post! I'll let it be for now. Next up: Back to the business of Art!


  1. WOW Dee, this turned out great! Kudos for all your hard work.
    Welcome back - missed u!

  2. very cute! love the tree outline, brillant! i'm glad that you're okay and your house is too. my sister is fine. no power and a few small trees knocked down but she is a-okay.


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