Sunday, October 09, 2005

lost, adj.- Unable to find the way.

For this week's topic, I immediately thought of one of my favorite television shows. I thought that it was too easy for me to do. (not that there haven't been some fabu-lous interpretations!) I challenged myself to look at this topic as an assignment from a publishing house.

What came to my mind first was what I often observed in my classroom; particularly during grammar lessons. "Nah," I thought. I need a scene showing lost....part of a story. Then I happened to look at my favorite calendar, hanging above my desk. It' s a sixteen month calendar of Alice. I quickly doodled and cleaned up a sketch. I loved it!

I scanned it in and transferred it to my watercolor paper. Finally, I used acrylics and pen to complete the picture. This is a cartoon interpretation, hence the flat color and very simple lines.

"Alice soon realized that, despite his good intentions, her new acquaintance was helping her get nowhere fast."

*oh, and thanks to Court for the kind advice. I'm finding it to be very true!


  1. love the idea and the map.:) my favorite thing about this one are Alice's shoes, something about the way she's standing on her tiptoes in those rounded mary janes is just super cute.

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