Saturday, May 28, 2005

Birds on a Wire

birds on a wire
Originally uploaded by MaeFlower.

I think I've found a new little character to play around with. Last night I quickly doodled some birds on a wire to illustrate a story. I have now found myself creating multiple sketches and paintings with these funny little guys. I think I might even use one in my I-Fri entry this week. It's an obvious departure from the style I'm trying to use for children's illustration. It's more graphic, but I'm having fun with him anyway!
(oh, and I realize the sky looks like nuclear fall-out. I painted over another painting and I wanted to make sure it disappeared completely, so I used a nice solid green. I kind of like the contrast!)


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    i like the green + orange color combo. and is that an airplane flying high in the sky? good stuff.

    when i look a this i keep imagining one of the birds with an umbrella in it's mouth walking the power line like a tight rope.. balancing ever so carefully. :)

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    ooohhh... ahhhhh... I liked the deep green color and the plane in the distance.


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