Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ripple in Progress-Plover

Now that I've finally completed my new website (see the nifty icon in the sidebar?!), I can focus on other projects. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is participating in Ripple. I've owed Kelly artwork for a few weeks now, and I can finally get to it. Those animals need all the help they can get!

Here's a peek at one of my cards in progress. It's a plover, one of the dozens of coastal birds that depend on the marshlands and shallows for its survival.  As if the oil spill wasn't bad enough, plovers are endangered in many areas of the country because they nest, hunt and live on the beach itself. Increased human activity and development have all but obliterated their habitat.

I'll be doing this in gouache, with brush and ink on cold press paper.  I'll post as soon as it's finished and off to the Ripple blog.

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  1. He's adorable and makes me smile real big! I can't wait to see him complete up on ripple. He'll sell right away.


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