Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've already written about what this project means to me and how grateful I am to Kelly for starting it up and keeping it going.  I'm so glad to finally have a chance to do my share and contribute. 

Here are the first two pieces I am donating to the Ripple project. They are coastal birds who make their homes in the Gulf.  They raise their live there, feed there, and raise their babies there. Right on the water.
American Oystercatcher

(Endangered) Plover

Please check out is an amazing assortment of work being offered up for a good cause. Ten dollars will get you an original piece signed by the artist.  A hundred percent of the donations are going to the IBRRC and the IMMS.


  1. cool! And I just hopped over to your website! Awesome!

  2. Love your birds! And your blog looks great.

  3. I've seen the piping plover. Checked off my life list! I'm a bit of a nerd.


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