Saturday, February 06, 2010

Color At Last!

I redid the WIP -Giddyup, and was about to take it the painting phase when I realized it might be even better from an alternate viewpoint. So I'm resketching it. Until then, here is a snippet of a completed piece I did today-IN COLOR!

Yes folks, I finally managed to pick up the paint brush. I felt super rusty at first, so I was cautious starting out. And I have to say that when this piece was going through it's ugly phase I was pretty dang tempted to throw it out and start over. Luckily I walked away instead, gave it time to breathe, and when I came back to it I was willing to take it to completion even though I didn't love it 100%. Good thing I did because I am now quite happy with it.
The color is a little off because I took the picture with a camera instead of scanning it. That back wall is actually a light blue. Up next: What do bumblebees and crocodiles have in common?


  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Neat! I love the PJs :o)

  2. Great! Question: did you consciously make the sinks look like teeth (molars) or is it a coincidence or is it just me seeing what isn't there? In any case I like it!


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