Monday, October 06, 2008

Butterflies in the Belly

Tonight I'm taking the manuscript I recently wrote to a critique group of my local SCBWI chapter. *gulp* I'm hoping to get some good that motivates me enough to get off my butt and start the dummy book already.

Crossing my fingers!
Update: Well, the critique was a wash. The traffic gods conspired against me, and I was unable to get to the meeting in time to participate in the readings. (It's an hour's drive from my house.) I'll try for the local critique sometime this month.


  1. GOOD LUCK! Good for you!
    PS Your illustrations for your challenge were really cute. I prefer gouache and acrylics to w/c as well, although I WISH I could easily work in w/c. It's a beautiful medium.

  2. Thanks Roz! It's nice to get feedback now and then. :) I'm trying really hard to sharpen up my style to another level.

    I see all of the work in W/C, and it just blows be away! I wish we got along better! hahaha!

  3. Oh, too bad about the traffic, but hooray for you for getting your stuff together and trying!

  4. Aw, I'm sorry. SCBWI critiques are so valuable.


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