Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lines, Lines, Everywhere a Line.

As you can see, I finally added a customized header after several months. She's pretty cute, don't you think? I whipped this out in about an hour, and it was good practice. It just reinforced that I like to have a nice, clear line on most of my work.
Take the Wolf, Jr. comic for example. I really like the under-painting process I used. There were subtle shadings, and it forced me to be patient and consider all of the elements as I worked. Even with all of that, I still went back and outlined using my pencil. It's subtle, but it's definitely there. In comparison the Fox header maintains more of the original linework. It has a very cartoony look as a result. I may have two separate techniques going on here: cartoony vs. painterly-but the end result is always outlined.

This just means I need to make more of an effort of building up both of these styles so they have equal weight in my portfolio. Speaking of which...I should get back the dummy book idea I have. It's going to take me a while. Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

p.s.- I will be taking that story to the next critique session. It's Monday night at 7:30!

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