Sunday, April 13, 2008


I drove down to Austin today to meet with a group of fellow illustrators planning to attend the SCBWI conference in a few weeks. It was a chance for everyone who was going to show their portfolios to get critiqued before the big day. I'm so very glad I went!

First, it was nice to renew a few acquaintances. Two years ago I attended a children's illustration class at the Art Center in Austin. Although I had to drive three hours each week to go to that class, I felt validated by the fact that I was so happy. Anyway, the instructor Mark Mitchell (who is an amazing historical fiction artist!) and Amy (a member of the class with a other-worldly, watercolor style) were there, and it was nice to know a few people.

Not that the whole group wasn't lovely. I had fun getting to know Christy Stallop (who was the organizer of the mini event and just fun to listen to!) and Clint (amazing digital work-cinematic), Martin (great comic style) and Sarah (who has a fun, whimsical style and a picture book that just came out!). Everyone was very positive and gave great feedback.

I was glad that some of my favorite pieces were the ones picked out by the other critique members as their favorites. It validated my bias. ha! I did get a few suggestions on how to improve some of my pieces, and fortunately none of them are too extreme. I should have no problem touching up by the time my portfolio review rolls around in two weeks.

By then I should have something completely different to ramble on and on about on this blog! I bet you can't wait! Oh yeah, how do you like my new header? About time, huh?

*Side note: If you haven't seen this post yet, go ahead and check it out. I was drooling from all of the eye candy!*


  1. Thanks for the Pandora link. That's right up my alley. Music is a big part of my day.

    Great changes to your blog. I love the clean white and the new header!!

    Lucky you - having face to face time with other cool people. I wish we could get the group together even if it's just for fun!!

    That other link of etsy artist...oy.
    That'll keep me busy!!

  2. So glad you got to go to that meeting! Sounds great! And thanks for the link of etsy artists...wowza. Amazing stuff.

  3. This is all so cool Dee, and I just LOVE that Etsy link - brilliant - and ooooh, so much to salivate over!

    Cheers and make it a beeeeooootiful day indeedy.


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