Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Makes a Beautiful Day:

*The sounds of a rattling crib and bouncing mattress as your alarm clock.

*Your going-on-eleven-month(s) old son laughing at your pleas to just hang out with the couch, and give up his quest for walking solo.

*Being able to drive around town with your windows down so you can better appreciate glorious blue skies and soft, cool breezes.

*Finding the must-read YA novels you've been searching for, as well as several beloved picture books you can't wait to share with your child at your local library branch.

*Checking out so many books from the library, they give you an extension on your return date!

*Catching up with Creative Thursday's inspirational podcasts while working on art all day. How can one listen to those episodes and not feel like they can take on the world? (Thanks so much for the links Frizz!)

*Finishing up the last of your portfolio pieces in time to eat dinner with your super husband and wonderful baby-both who have taken care of each other all day long...letting you just be.

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