Friday, April 25, 2008

(Picture)Book Meme

I was tagged by Leeza!
It's a new spin on a book meme. Choose anyone of YOUR OWN manuscripts. It can be a picture book, MG novel, an adult novel... It makes no difference.

Step 1. Turn to page 2 if it is a PB, page 43 of your novel.
Step 2. Find the 11th sentence.
Step 3. Post the 5 sentences of text that follow.
Step 4. Then tag 5 writer friends to do the same.
Step 5. Visit Your Tagged Friends, and the Person who Tagged You, to read their excepts.

Here's mine. I had to adapt, because my story is more of a graphic novel script than a picture book manuscript.

Looking down at the money in her hand, Edie replies, “Okay!”

She makes a dash for the doorway, but Mother pulls Edie up short and brings her face down to Edie’s level.
“Straight there and straight back, No side adventures,” she says firmly.
Edie tries to reassure her.
“Sure, mama. There and back.”

She grabs her jacket, and even as she is running down the stairs to the front door, her mind has already wandered and her imagination launched.

I won't be tagging anyone, because anyone I know writing a story has been tagged- ha!

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