Monday, February 18, 2008

W.I.P.-Feb 08-Part II

What'd you do this weekend? I worked on this:

It's the W.I.P, a little further along. I've inked the panels and am now contemplating whether or not to use pencil or experiment with ink to fill in gradient values. The only problem I'm having is getting them to fit on to my scanner. I need to upload them to my computer so I can add text. I was going to hand-letter, but I'm not sure about that part just yet.

I'll be adding these to my portfolio when they're complete. This week I have a list of four other (less labor-intensive) pieces I need to work on as well. I sure do like to pile the pressure on, don't I? It's mostly to clear the way, as I've dedicated March to be "Mini-Book Dummy Month." It's the last item I want to add to my portfolio for the conference in April.

I'll also be trying to play around in Dreamweaver to get my current website to a more professional (not to mention interesting) design. Oy, wish me luck!

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  1. Hey Dee, this looks amazing! Look at you go! Your hard work is really shining through, I'm so excited about this project....


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