Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some Odd Thoughts

I haven't posted in a while, but am up to my neck with craziness. So here's a few odd thoughts:

1. Last week was a full moon week, and it drove my students up the walls and me nearly out of my mind!

3. I have decided to go to the National SCBWI Conference in New York, and am nearly overcome in a frenzy of anticipation, curiosity and oddly enough-fear. It's probably because I will be doing portfolio reviews and judging. It's the first time my work will be critiqued professionally.

5. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so my work week will only be two days long! I will have my hands full trying to keep my kids focused, but it will be worth it. I will get to meet the ever talented Courtney!

7. I'm still processing all the neat stuff I learned at the San Antonio SCBWI regional conference. I haven't been able to put it all into words yet, but for tidbits, check out Heather's blog at Humblehearts.

9. I'm in the process of decorating my new house, and I am having so much fun! Do you all know the goodness that is Garden Ridge and Michael's? Oh, and Target, of course.

11. I will be working like a madwoman for the next month and a half. I'm getting my portfolio in order, and maybe some business cards and postcards.

13. My friend Roz got an illustration contract with Ladybug Magazine!

15. Did I mention I'm going to the National SCBWI Conference? Ya-hoo!

17. I've got a fantastic idea for this week's Illustration Friday. Check back for updates.

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