Monday, November 14, 2005

What I Now Know:

That SCBWI conferences are wonderful tools that should be utilized as often as possible. (See Heather's post for lots of valuable insight. Oh, and I was able to meet her! She's possibly the nicest person I've ever met!)

That there is a market I had not considered for my illustration and I am full of glee as a result.

That agents are almost a necessity to break into the writing aspect of the children's publishing industry: especially with unsolicited submissions. (Almost)

That there is a blog written from the point of view of someone from inside the publishing industry. (Good stuff!)

That research should become one of an illustrator's strongest skills.

The difference between work-for-hire and trade work.

What to put in a portfolio.

Oh, and although I am nowhere as talented as Courtney, we are sharing an equal amount of frustration and desire to attend the National SCBWI conference in New York. There's probably a little more on my side, so much so that I just sent an email to one of the conference coordinators questioning the whole "must be published" policy to attend their illustrators conference.
I'm so frustrated by the whole situation. In fact, the entire reason I linked to Courtney's post is because she's pretty much written word for word my feelings about the National Conference. I am willing to fork over the three-hundred bucks. However, the Illustrators Pre-Conference is my Mecca. Looking over the session choices just about had me peeing my pants! I can't tell you all the benefits that anyone who attended would be able to receive.
*sigh* The registration will fill up soon, I'm sure. I really want to go....but I supposed I need to "get over it" or whatever.


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  1. That's great that you e-mailed the co-ordinator, I think i'll do that too. I posted on the discussion board but only received 2 replies so I thought I was all alone in my frustration. Bleech...

    P.S. Thanks for the compliment, but I think you're pretty darned talented. :P


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