Monday, September 05, 2005

Granny Smith

So here it is! I've taken the first steps to setting up my studio in our new house. (It's currently located in the dining room, which isn't all that great.) After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided on a color: Tart Apple!
I think the color is very true to what I wanted the room to be. It's bright and cheery, and brings energy into the room. Im so excited, now I only have to buy a desk and figure out storage....then it's on to the walls. Yay!

p.s.- Oh, as bonus: When you open the door to the studio, the wall color reflects onto the white door and causes it to glow- just like in Poltergeist!


  1. very cheerful color, plus the green glow is really cool. ;) i won't paint my studio because we are in an apartment but if we ever do move to a house (each coast real estate, great for sellers, terrible for first time buyers) i plan to go funky crazy. p.s. added you to my blog roll, f.y.i.

  2. Isn't the thought of having a room all to yourself, with your mark all over it, exciting?
    Thanks for the roll addition, btw!

  3. Hey Dee - I'm SO jealous you get your own art space. My studio is the kitchen table and it's always a mess. Glad you're settling in. I really like the color and by the way - I loved your DREAM illo. Didn't enter the next SCBWI contest, did you?

  4. OMG mrs. s!! i have the best news in the world!!! Symphonic choir got invited to go to NYC on March 16th and sing at Carnegie Hall! we'll be staying at a 4 star Manhattan Hotel, shopping!!!!, going to the top of the Empire State Building, and get this!! We're staying four nights, and on the last night, we are going to "a night of dinner and dancing" on a yacht cruise through the Manhattan Harbour, viewing the Statue of Liberty and the new york sky line!! We just found out today and let me tell you, the entire choir went up in screams at the news! i got all teary eyed and could barely breathe! we cant wait!! i am so excited! this is our, and mrs goodwin's last year and so we're going out with a bang!so i just HAD to share our GREAT news! wish us luck! w/b!

    p.s. all we have to do is get the district to approve the trip... keep your fingers crossed!!

  5. Frizz: nope, didn't enter the contest. You would of thought with me being a teacher, I would have a million time though. That deadline came right at the first two weeks of school!

    Julia: Congratulations! You guys will have so much fun! I hope you keep up all that hard work, especially with your grades. You don't want to miss out on an opportunity like that!


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