Wednesday, September 07, 2005

roots, n- something that is an origin or source; tie with the environment.

I had a very kid friendly sketch done this weekend, and I had every intention of using it. However, after everything I've seen and heard this week, certain images have been burned into my mind.
I know the colors are washed out (because my scanner stinks), but I chose to use Mardi Gras colors- green, blue, purple, gold. The tree is a testament to all of those who have lost their homes, their families, their jobs...their homeland.
This tree is using its roots and is clinging with all of its might to survive. Against the wind, the floodwaters, the rain. It refuses to give in, and will give everything it has to remain.

Before I get too heavy, why don't you have a look at fellow illustrators and their interpretations as to what "roots" mean?


  1. This is a lovely illustration and tribute.

  2. great interpretation, i love the thought and lines.

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