Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Umm, okay"

So by now it should be pretty obvious that I'm a teacher, and I post about things that occur at school.
Here's something that some of my students were saying in class. Everyone is working in pairs, having fun, and not giving me any problems.
I'm walking around, checking everyone, you know doing "teacher stuff." As I'm walking around, I overhear (as I often do) a conversation some of my kids are having.

B: "...and he was not listening at all.."
G: "Yeah?"
B: "Yeah, so she's like 'Sit down, NOW...."
G: "Did he listen?"
B: "No! It was crazy, he totally ignored her, and man was she... Hey, Mrs. S?"
Me: "Yes?"
B:"Are we allowed to say 'pissed' at school?"
Me: "Nope."
B:"Oh, okay... she was REALLY mad, so then...."

I didn't skip a beat. Hehehe. Nine more months to go!


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Gosh Mrs.S I miss you soo much!!!My classes this year are soo cool i have Mr.Erwin and he is not bad at all acually today i made a 100% on a BIG test yahhhh!!! Well I made "A" team for volleyball well thats about all for have you been lately(i dont think i spelt that right oh well) well i miss you and love you!!

    Katie (Kit-Kat)

  2. Congrats Katie! I'm glad you've realized how lucky you are to have Mr. Erwin. (Be sure to thank Ms. Corbett later on for how much she helped to prepare you for his class!) Yay! for volleyball, too. Miss you too, have fun this weekend.


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