Monday, August 29, 2005

dream n. - a series of thoughts, images or emotions during sleep.

Yay! I'm able to post to I-Fri again! I've been so busy with work, moving, etc. that unfortunately my art has gone by the wayside. Tomorrow is Open House at our school, and Wednesday I have an after-school training, so it was pretty much now or never.
I thought about doing an illo depicting me, but I realized the entire reason I'm doing this blog is to create portfolio pieces. That changed my focus entirely. :)
I originally had the boy dreaming of the knight and the dragon in a thought bubble, but then I thought, "How much cooler would it be to be in the middle of a dream like that?" So I revamped it a little. Hope you enjoy. If time permits, (I might redo this sketch and..)I have a few other ideas sketched out. They're a little more dreamy.


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Well, I love it!

    very nice. ~

  2. love the castle bed and the clouds, and the dragon's tale curling around the bed. (The only thing i might change would be the moon, it's just a tiny distracting in it's size and brightness) :)

  3. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I like that you drew him in the middle of his dream instead of just a thought bubble. It's much more interesting.


  4. I like your castle-bed, nice work !!

  5. Yes...your interpretation is right-on! Soemtimes we are so invloved in our dreams that they surround us. This was a great way to do it! I just love the castle-bed and snorting dragon!

  6. My first sketch had a boy and a dragon. Great minds think alike! Great job!!!


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