Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Won't you be their neighbor?

Yesterday we met with a real estate agent on posting our house for sale. It's all pretty detailed and boring. Suffice it to say that he is pretty optimistic our house will have no problem selling. (Then again, it's his job, so I don't think he'd tell anyone, "Nah, your house sucks, too bad!") He said we've done a really good job maintaining and updating our home, and that our yard was one of the best selling points. I hope so, because we really don't want to carry two house notes once we move. Best case scenario, we sell the house shortly after we move. Maybe I'm a little prejudiced, but I think our house is fairly nice, wouldn't you agree? Here, have a look at a few pictures:Now, keep in mind that we've followed "expert" advice to a tee, and have removed most items that indicate personal style or taste. (I mean, except for the wall colors-duh.) Supposedly, you're supposed to neutralize your home, so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there.

To the left, the dining room. We've decorated (I should say "I"- The Husband was an unwitting accomplice) the room with all sorts of fun things from our trips. See the various decorative tins advertising liquor? FUN! And the assorted steins and pints languishing upon the shelves? NO, this room is not devoted to alcohol, but I wanted to give it a sort of old-world style/pub feel. Hence the plaster on the walls and the retro radio, hanging out with the poker chips and playing cards.

The living room wall were once the brown you see in the ceiling beams. My insane self decided we should paint that nasty wood paneling! (*shudder*) Cra-zy?, yes. It took my mother and I three rolls of painter's tape and uncounted hours of meticulous touch-ups to finish this room. I affectionately refer to it as the "Blue Room" because of all the hours of cursing that took place here. I still enjoy the effect tremendously, though.

The upstairs hall bathroom, otherwise known as "Mine!" I decided that the various shades of green faux-textured walls should be painted over.

This bathroom makes me smile just being in there, the colors and light are so great! (That's not to say I sit there smiling like an idiot on the toilet- I know what you're thinking!)

Our Gin-ORMOUS backyard, with decking, landscaping, working pond and lots and lots of giant shady trees. *Sigh* This is a fabulous yard for parties (heehee) and breakfasts on the deck. We will miss this yard greatly. I think the dogs will miss the birds and the squirrels even more.

Here's to hopin' the real estate market keeps least until after we sell our house!

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