Sunday, July 10, 2005


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In case anyone was wondering why there haven't been any fabulous little works of art posted lately, this picture shows of the reason. (The rest being that I have no creative energy right now, it's all about the house!) I am living in a landfill! (ha,ha-just kidding) We're busily trying to move the majority of our stuff to the garage to prepare the house for showing. As a result, a lot of our belongings are currently residing in the entryhall. Makes a great first impression, I must say!

The good thing is, with all of this packing, there has been major purging. We've finally gotten rid of old towels, linens, clothes, books and even furniture. The majority of this went to a donation center, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. And NO, we didn't just put a bunch of trash at the center. We donated things that can actually be used.

I can't wait until we finally move into our new house at the end of this month. Living in a new house, in a new place, new jobs...yay! The only thing that worries me right now is that as we are busily trying to put the house's best foot forward, all kinds of things are starting to pop up. (ie: funny marks on the ceiling appeared this morning-pray for us that it's not water damage, the evil of all home selling evils!)

Well, I must go now. We (actually, Husband did) steam-cleaned the carpet yesterday and now today I have to make headway on the whole "Clean house from top to bottom" item on my checklist. What fun. (thppt!)

p.s.- I just found some great sketches from college that my best friend and I did during art history. I'll try to post them, so you have something fun to look at!

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