Thursday, July 14, 2005


So this week's theme for IF, is metropolitan. Once again, I found myself grasping for straws to actually come up with something. I was so, "Uggh!" about this topic, but made myself do something. (even if it doesn't relate directly to the definition of the word.)
With all the craziness that's been going on lately, I have been very neglectful of my art. So, here ya go: this is City Mouse, driving out to the country to visit his cousin. (remember that story?) I relate very well to City Mouse, because in a couple of weeks, we will be moving to Central Texas. While we won't necessarily be "Country Livin'" (because Waco has about 200,00 people) we do have a cornfield at the end of our street. yeeee-haw!!

Here are a couple of people who have pretty fun spins on this week's topic:
Wyn, Amy, Wee, Courtney and Steve


  1. Really cute - that's my kind of mouse. I like this a lot. I'm sure city mouse will have a great time relaxing in the slower-paced country - as I hope you do as well. Good luck with the move!

  2. hey its me! i havent been online in a couple weeks. Our internet connection got moved and we just got it hooked up.So hows it going? good i hope. i've been pretty busy hanging out with colette and my aunt terri this summer. I havent slept in my own bed in like 2 weeks! heheh. On sunday Im going with colette, and rhea( do u remember rhea, im shure i mentioned her to you before) and rhea's mom and dad and husband. They're colette's neighbors and we spend more time over there than we do at her house! But like i was saying, on sunday, we're going to Burnee ( probably mispelled) right outside San Antonio to stay with rhea's aunt nanny. We'll go shopping and out to eat and the movies in San Antonio and drive to New Braunsfels and tube down the Guadelupe. I cant wait! my mom is a nervouse wreck about me going down the big bag river with out her, but hey Im 13! she'll get over it. plus- rhea and her hubby joey were lifeguards and certified CPR yadda yadda yadda. And then we get back on tues night , and thur morning, me and colette go to coram deo. our church youth camp. its in austin, right on Lake Travis . I went last year, and i LOVED it, so colette is coming too. So is Sarah Frieze, remember her, she had mrs corbett 5th period? so thats about it and then in october my dad is taking me, colette, rhea, joey, rheas dad, rheas brother, to our ranch to go bird hunting. My late uncle henry left me his 410 shotgun and i cant wait to use it! ill be careful, dont worry!well i think ive typed enough! so ill letcha get back to packing! talk to you later!


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