Saturday, June 04, 2005

Procrastination (and a little somethin' extra)

Originally uploaded by MaeFlower.

I'm pretty disgusted with this week's I-Fri topic. To say the least, "blech".
Anyway, I decided that instead of working on that, I'd work on this! I decided I'd try my hand at painting a landscape of sorts. I'm not trying to be a great photorealistic painter, just somewhat interpretive. So, I'm slapping paint up on this canvas, in the hopes that when I finish, it will look like a field of bright and zesty sunflowers. Cross your fingers.

(oh, and on a side note. I've decided to drop the pen name "Maeflower" I can just see that getting very confusing later on...not mention tired. So, I will be posting on I-Fri as Dee from now on, hopefully I can also get my profile name changed!)

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