Sunday, June 05, 2005

Wish Upon a Star...

star light
Originally uploaded by Dee Bird.

I've still not completed my I-Fri entry. Bleah. I'm just not into it this week. Almost EVERYONE's entry looks the same! It's not very inspiring...

Enough of the griping. Look what I did! I finished a painting I started a couple of weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with him. I may go back later and fix a few things here and there, but otherwise he's pretty complete!

If you can't tell, it's a pig sitting on a grassy hill. He's wistfully (or is it hopefully?) gazing at a falling star. I'm guessing he's making a wish, as that's what'd I do were I sitting there. Yeah! Now I can maybe figure out what I want to paint next!


  1. I'm really enjoying your acrylic work, dee. =o) What brand are you using? Cutie patootie pig, and love your monachromatic palette!

  2. monochromatic, I mean!!!!

  3. Very nice! a cross between 'toot & puddle' and 'Olivia'.


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