Thursday, June 02, 2005

a little dab'll do ya

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I've been taking an acrylics class over the last month, and sadly it has come to an end. Not to fear, my watercolor class starts next month! hehe

Oh, my point. I've discovered (thanks to my instructor) that I am an "Action Painter." No, that does not mean I do my own stunts and bombs and bad guys chase me around whilst I paint. No, no, no. It means that when I paint, I move my hand constantly, in directions that are never uniform. Basically, I don't stroke my paint on. It gets jabbed, dabbed and splattered. It's kind of tiring, but it does give my painting a nice, soft glow to it. (When I do it correctly.)

So I thought I might post a few works in progress. The purple fellow should look familiar, as he was originally posted as a blue fellow for IF's aquatic theme. The blue fellow...well, let's just say I have a "thing" for pigs. Most of my ideas come to me with pigs in mind. If I'm not careful, I can easily get into a rut. Ha! Get it? Rut? Pig? ah...never mind.

The piggy on a hill was going to be a gift to my mom for her birthday (Hi mom!) But I've come up with another idea with more "oomph". I'm afraid this quiet little scene just won't jive with her dynamic home office space!

Oh yeah, feel free to comment on the guys. And this week's IF post is below.

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