Monday, May 30, 2005

Envy, n.- To desire the belongings or qualities of another.

Originally uploaded by MaeFlower.

I'm keeping my entry this week as is. I've seen very similar entries so far, but I really like my little canary, and so he stays.
I got to thinking while I was painting this. (surprise!) The bird in the cage could be envying the birds in the skies for their freedom; or he could be envying the fact that they have the courage to be free. I think a little part of most of us hides away behind the "I should/shouldn'ts" of our daily lives. How much more different would our lives be if we quit envying others for what they have or do, and instead took those difficult steps to obtain what we really want? hmmm...
So here's to trying to be brave, and to trying to accomplish what one really wants. Here's to all of you who are struggling to balance the dream of illustrating professionally with the reality of your daily lives.


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Oi, so sweet and I got touched! Lovely illo :-)

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    brilliant concept. :)

    reminds me of 'finding nemo'... the fish in the aquarium inside the dentist's office longing to be free in the ocean... envious of the fish that are free to swim where they want.

  3. Very simple yet very amusing and humerous, your drawing left me chuckling and smiling.

  4. And yet I wonder if perhaps some wild birds wouldn't like the chance to be fed every day and never have to make those long migratory flights to stay warm and alive? Me, I'd rather be free. But you never know...

    I really love this illo, and the thoughts you shared. Thank-you!

  5. Anonymous6:57 AM

    This one is so sweet! I just want to open that cage and let that bird be free! I love it! One of my favs from this week :D

  6. love your yellow bird and his wistful gaze. the saying rings true as well. :)


  7. Anonymous9:29 PM

    glad too see you have a mine that thinks outside the box. love grandpa

  8. Anonymous5:38 AM

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