Monday, October 01, 2012

Sweet Square #28

watercolor, marker, ink
The Month of Experimentation is officially over. It was so inspiring; playing with different media, techniques and ideas. I am happy that I have two techniques I intend to implement in future projects, and it was fun having y'all along for the ride! I intend to continue with the Sweet Squares as a daily studio warm-up, but unless there's an experiment I think someone else might appreciate, they won't be up on the blog much.

Now I wonder if I can get myself to complete an Illustration Friday prompt every week during October. It's been a while. Hmmmm..;)


  1. Congratulations! That is no small feat - especially with so much on your plate. I hope you'll do a big shot of all 28 days. I dropped out early on, the timing was just off. But I might try it again another time. Definitely go for the IF challenge for yourself! Hooray, Diandra!

  2. Well I wasn't a very good participant for the month of September, but am trying again. Sweet elephant! Thanks for starting this!!


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