Monday, July 04, 2011

It was The Claw!

A week or so ago I posted this little share over at The Sketchables for our campfire theme.

Well I've finally finished it in full color and thought y'all would like to see what in the world the kids are looking at with such horror:

 Nothing better than having your own children wrapped up in a campfire ghost story, but as you can see,  more than two kids have been drawn in to the drama.
(Click on the picture to see it a little bigger)


  1. D! This is awesome! Girl, you are going places. Great work! :)

  2. This is WONDERFUL! So cute, funny, animated, and full of great emotion! Way to go, Diandra!

  3. Aw, girls you are the BEST! This was the piece I was working on yesterday when I got walloped by self-doubt. Almost quit working on it! Glad to see it was worth the effort. Happy Fourth, you two!

  4. Freakin awesome D! Came out sooooo great!


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