Tuesday, March 01, 2011

P52: Babies!

Whew- I almost didn't get this posted in time! This month I'm focusing on the wee ones.  Here's a clever little peanut, stealing peanuts!

You can see what happens to those peanuts here.

Drawing this elephant reminded me of my favorite Disney movie, Dumbo and this scene:

I made the mistake of watching this during both of my pregnancies, and of course I was blubbering by the end of it. *sigh*


  1. my favorite song ever!- wiping tear

  2. Hello! I found your cute blog via Michelle Henninger. Thank you for linking to Smells Like Crayons! I really like the color in the above illustration...and his sheepish look!

  3. i like the line quality of your peanut stealer!! I know what you mean about your quest to preserve the life of your sketch to you finished piece. I'm so in the same boat!!


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