Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011-Behind the Scenes Sketches

I plan on sharing quite a few of the pages in my sketchbook, once I get them finished. For now I thought I'd give you a peek at what I have so far. Unlike some brave souls, I'm having a hard time jumping into this project with no planning.  Even though the art featured is in a sketchbook, I still consider it finished art because it will be viewed by an audience.  Here's what I have for pages 2-14:

There is a narrative going on, one that's not fully understood until the end of the sketchbook.  (Click on image to see it a little bigger)


  1. I love it! Just looking at these sketches are actually quite fun. Hope you consider including these as is some how :-) Will there be a whole narrative/one story throughout the book?

  2. Thanks, Jannie. After I posted this, I actually thought, what if it were just black and white? (I mean, you're doing it that way, right?) I'm sorely tempted as that would mean I'd get it done quicker and I wouldn't have to mess w/ rebinding it.
    And yes, each spread is a little peek into an overall story arc. :)

  3. So cool to see your work in progress. These sketches are great! Maybe you could do ink line with minimal color where appropriate? Maybe even just collaging in some colored paper bits here and there?

  4. These sketches are so fun! And I think these would work better as black and white too. There is a lot of detail and the story is quite dense so considering how small the book is, keeping it simple line art will make it easier to read. Yay for you! Your productivity and creativity just amazes me!

  5. Looks great Diandra!! B/W or Color it's gonna be great!


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