Thursday, August 13, 2009

SCBWI LA-What I Learned

I'm still processing all that I've experienced from LA , but here's a little of what I've learned.

*No matter how hard I wish it, Texas will never have the weather of Southern California. *SIGH*
*The transfer of internet friendships to real-life friendships can be both painless and joyful.
*Once you have your portfolio in another state, there is nothing more that you can do for it.
*Facebook is a fabulous tool to have, and vital to reconnecting to conference pals.
*Never underestimate the value of finding and connecting to your tribe.
*Work, work, work and grow, grow, grow!
*An agent may be something to consider in the future (Although David Wiesner has never had one. Then again, do you think he needs one?!)
*I have yet to find the balance between admiring fan and conference peer required to speak to those superstars of our industry...even when they're open to the conversation!
*I can definitely see the growth over the last year, and I have more to go. I have changed from a sprinter to a marathon runner.
*When you're in LA, sometimes you get *this close* to star power.
*A little luck can be helpful, but it's much more useful if you're already working your tush off when it comes.
* I can't wait to go back LA for the next conference!


  1. These are great (especially the "work hard so you'll be ready when a lucky break comes your way" one). And you did a fabulous and thorough recap of the conference; I feel recharged just reading it!

  2. Tim Roth filmed a made-for-TV movie here about 15 years ago. Some type of Bonnie & Clyde flick. I saw him outside the courthouse, but didn't even know who he was at the time! :)

    Great conference recap! Sounds great!


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