Saturday, August 29, 2009

Painting is my Samadhi

I'm finally back on track. I've felt so out of whack this week, being unable to paint, draw or create anything besides meals. bleah. I've proclaimed today to be a studio day, and while my husband and little one run around doing whatever it is boys do, I'm doing this:
I'm waiting for the gesso to dry right now, but am already "feelin' it" if you know what I mean. :) And no, you don't have to adjust your monitors. My studio really is THAT bright green.

Oh, and the title is a reference to the meditative state "where the aspirant is one with the object of meditation, the Supreme Spirit, where there is unutterable joy and peace." Omm..


  1. My office is bright green and purple! Maybe it's a creative color. I know it makes me happy. Good luck with the painting. I have one on my easel too. Definitely getting to it this weekend.

  2. Wow- that's a bold color! like it!-suits you too!

  3. LOVE the studio Dee and great notes on the LA conference - woohoo!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Good luck with all your projects.


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