Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Dum and Dummier"-Part III

I've made changes to my dummy book-again! I haven't changed anything in the story-the words are very much the same. I made a decision regarding the page count and essentially the flow of the art in the book. I finally decided that I didn't have to conform to the 32 page rule. The page count is still within the multiples of 8 (the number of pages in a signature) so it should be fine.

It's hard to explain without giving away the entire book, but with concept books you can go two ways: narrative or non-narrative. Mine is narrative, which means there is a story built-in with the concepts being shared. (Ed Young's Seven Blind Mice is an excellent example of this.) My book is really short, and so I tried to expand on the concepts and page count by inserting an extra element in the art.

The result was that the visual rhythm of the book became unpredictable and there were a few awkward page turns/spreads as a result. I tried every way I could to work around these, but in the end, taking out this element (and the 10 pages of art that went with it) resulted in a visually faster paced book and a much smoother flow of the artwork.
I've lost count of what number storyboard this is, but it's the latest one. I am very relieved to have solved this latest dilemma, and will begin completing the final art tomorrow. Friday I will be painting a few double page spreads and I hope to be printing/binding by Tuesday. I'll try to remember to share the painted spreads when they're done.

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  1. Oh girl don't I know the feeling!!!! I'm in the middle of working on my thumbnails for this next book. It feels like it's taking forever! I just want to get to the painting part hee hee hee! Your post has encouraged me thanks for sharing!


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