Sunday, June 01, 2008

*tap, tap* "Is this thing on?"

I just wanted to pop in for a sec and let you guys know I'm still around. Right now things are a little crazy. We're officially relocating to Houston and will make the move at the end of this month. Obviously I haven't posted any art for a bit...not much time to do that. I'm single parenting since the huz has already begun working at his new job, and between the energetic toddler and prepping the house, I'm lucky if the dishes get done.

I hope to post a Soup challenge next week...but you other than that you probably won't here from me for a while. Keep checking back though-I could surprise ya!

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  1. Hey dee,
    Good to know you are still out there and working toward your goals. i too haven't posted as often as I liked, or managed to create some new work really. LOTS going on, you know how that is!

    These are some great posts. I liked your writing Meme below. And I never thought about cropping an image to protect it's overall copyright, good idea! it makes it so hard doesn't it, especially if the orphan Works bill passes — now that's just plain scary (and insane). Clearly the person who created this is NOT an artist!

    Anyway, I like what I see in the bear image and look forward to a new assignment soon.



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