Monday, January 07, 2008


I thought I'd give y'all a peek at what has me so engrossed right now. Can you tell what it is? Technically, I think it's called a storyboard. I'm referring to it as a rough sketch of massive proportions. I've begun drafting out the idea for a story I finally managed to get down at the end of last year. I'm now figuring out how to transfer it into picture form. It's not a regular picture book, but a kind of hybrid idea I have. It's definitely a learning process and one that will take some time. But what better day to start learning than today? I'm so excited about what it could become!

My goal is to get the storyboard done this month, the dummy finished by March and query it by May. Why not April? Well, because that's when I have a local SCBWI conference and a portfolio review. I'm hoping that the conference will give me the finishing tips I need before I mail anything out. Plus, I also have the Soup's monthly challenges, a website to design and build, a portfolio to update, a mailing list to compile, and a rambunctious (teething) 7 month old on top of it all. Lots to juggle. Frankly I think May is ambitious!

Oh, and here's a great First Second post by Grady Klein about writing a graphic novel. It's really great because it relates to any artist trying to create something.
Just one of my new daily reads I thought to share.

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