Friday, November 30, 2007

Five Things

One of three inspiration boards found hanging in my studio. Click on it to see notes on Flickr.
Frizz tagged me with a five things meme, so here goes:

1) I have a collection of pencil sharpeners. (Okay, it's very tiny...but I intend for it to grow, so that should count for something, right?) One is a wooden bunny that I got for Easter when I was seven. The other is a plastic Canadian goose I found in the dirt of one of my mom's flower beds in her front yard last month. Seeing them on my workdesk makes me happy.

2)It's not so much of an issue since we've moved into our current house, but I CANNOT go to sleep in a room that has the closet door open. Ever since I was a little girl, I've felt like that dark spot in the room was a gaping maw waiting to eat me! *shudder*

3) I tend to talk too much. ("What?" you say, "I don't believe it!" (haha!)) Whether it's through email or just in daily conversation sometimes my mouth just overrides my brain and I have a compulsion to get as many words as possible out of my head or else! My mom says that my first kindergarten report card has all "E's" except for the conduct grade. There was an S-, with a note by the teacher, "Diandra is so bright, but she loves to socialize a little too much."

4) See the picture above? Well, I have a thing for certain architectural details, like doors and windows. (Wonder what that says about me?) There's an entire desktop folder of awesome doors I've found on Flickr. They're just so pretty!

5) I'm extremely allergic to pine trees. The pollen makes me miserable, but if I get any sap on me, or mess with pine boughs my skin itches like crazy and swells. Seven years ago at my mom's, there was a very unfortunate incident when she wanted my help decorating the house for Christmas using a real tree.

I'm not going to tag anyone, because I'm not even sure who reads this blog anymore, but if you read this entry, and don't mind participating, consider yourself tagged. :)

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