Wednesday, July 04, 2007

C is for..(completed!)

Yeah me! This is the first art I've created for months now. It's a painting going in Connor's nursery. My husband mentioned that the "c" and "is for" were all a bit camoflauged in the painting. I think that's appropriate considering the subject, but I tried to highlight them without making them too obvious anyway.
I'm off to begin another painting for the nursery. I'm doing an animal alphabet theme. They'll all be acrylic on canvas with maybe a few other media in there; I feel like experimenting.
Maybe I'll post it for Illustration Friday today. I think it might fit this week's topic of Twist...the tail of the chameleon is very twisted. :)


  1. Very cute, I love alphabet illustrations and seeing the different ideas people have for letters!

  2. You're too sweet leaving me that nice comment.

    How will we do it all? Between your little pumpkin and my cabin I don't know how we will fit it all in. I want to post on the IGS blog about balance. Maybe someone has great advice. Are you going back to work in the Fall??


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