Thursday, January 19, 2006

E is for...effervescent!

Okay, okay. I know I'm lame. This is the second time in as many weeks that I've posted a pencil sketch at the very last minute. It's not my fault! ( I sound like one of my students now). I've been busy all week. I've completed two portfolio pieces, as well as a million other things for work and home. I couldn't help but feel sucked dry (see: effete). The fact that this week's topic was so broad didn't help either. (Although, I must admit, I loved seeing all of the different versions of my favorite animal splashed all over the internet.)
I actually had an idea last week, and another came to me on Monday. However good each idea sounded in my head, they remained very vaque ideas floating in the back of my mind. I couldn't make myself put them down to paper. Every attempt turned out horribly.
Finally, out of desperation, I started to do a word association exercise I make my students do when we warm up for a writing assignment. Well, one of the words that popped up was "effervescent." I had a vague idea of the word's meaning, but wanted to double check.
I grabbed my handy-dandy American Heritage Dictionary, and looked up the effervescent. What should the definition be? Effervescent, n.- To emit small bubbles of gas, as in a carbonated beverage. Well, my mind is surrounded by twelve year olds all day, so of course I latched on to the "GAS" part. I got a ridiculous notion in my head, and went with it.
I actually like this idea so much, I plan on doing a very full composition painting with it. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with this:

"Not everyone at the pool appreciated Ellie's effervescent qualities."
(If you want to see it closer, click on the pic.)


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  2. There's not a single person out there that doesn't giggle (at least on the inside) at this subject. But I know MY 12-year-old would be rolling on the floor!

  3. Hee-Hee! Very good!

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Good work...Beautiful illustration...
    J'aime beaucoup.Bravo

  5. hardly lame, this is so adorable and such a great idea. should i mention i love potty humour?

  6. There's nothing like a good fart joke to start the morning! I think this is so cute and humorous at the same time. Ellie has that sheepish embarrassed look on her face and the little monkey looks perfectly grossed out. Good job!

  7. Love the cute hippo in the bathing suit! and her apologetic and embarassed facial expression!
    Well done :)

  8. hahahaha, poor monkey.

    we were at the zoo a few months back and were watching the hippos. they were waiting in line (head to bum) to get to the feeding area. we hear a loud gloosh and the first hippo has pooped on the second one's head. quite disgusting and funny. :)


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