Friday, September 16, 2005

Go ahead, make my day....

Yesterday was library day for my students. I was standing there, and another teacher came in. She and I are good friends. She is about my height, with wavy hair down past her shoulders. She's a red head, has freckles and gorgeous apple cheeks. Basically, she's a real cutie.
Back to my point...Ms. X came into the library to talk to me about a test we're creating, and then left shortly after. One of my students asked me, " Is she your sister?" I looked at the student and said, " Ms. X? No way, why do you ask?" The student blushed a little and said, " Well, you both have orange hair (She's a true red head, my hair is browinsh with red highlights), it's wavy/curly, you're both skinny and about the same height and you both teach English." I said, "My hair is nowhere near as red as Ms. X's hair; no, we're not related."

Despite how off-target my student was, can you believe I actually got a little thrill when she said I was skinny? Sheesh, and I thought being an artist would help me rise above these base vanities...obviously NOT!


  1. hey well Rita is supposed to hit us late friday so everyone is leaving. Me and my family are heading to New Braunsfels, Colette to Alabama, and Katie to San Antonio i think. were in the process of packing and putting things upstairs in case of flooding. wish us luck!

  2. I am SO worried about all of you! I'm crossing my fingers for you all. Safe trip, and I'm thinking of you.


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