Wednesday, August 24, 2005

HeeHeeHee- *snort!*

This has been an interesting two weeks. The kids have returned to school, and now that things are picking up their real personalities are starting to show. So I've juggled a few seats and deported* a few kids- but nothing major. In fact, it's so calm, it's scary.

My students are busily working on their first major assignment. They are creating a brochure all about them with photos and all kinds of topics. This should be a fairly easy assignment, as all seventh graders are basically egocentric at this age, and they love nothing more than talking about themselves.
I am hitting a few bumps: "What's a complete sentence?" "Oh, you mean there has to be puncutation at the end of EVERY sentence?" "When it says 'Copy into your notes' does that mean I have to copy it into my notes right now?"
However, there are some bright spots in my day. I have laughed a couple of times today- out loud and in my head at some things my students say. Take for example "A." A. comes up to me to ask for help with using silly (scrapbooking) scissors (I know!).
A. : "Thank you Mrs. S-"
I reply: "You're welcome Mister A."
He then asks, "Could I call you Senora S-?"
I reply that he could, as I was married, and that was the proper title for a married woman in Spanish.
He says (slightly startled): "You're married?!"
Now keep in mind all over my room, out in the hall, etc. there are many signs with my name on them. Signs that say : Mrs. S-."
I said I was married, and had been for almost four years. A. seemed to take some time in consideration, standing before me in deep thought.
Then he said," I don't think I want to do the whole married thing."
I asked," Oh, really?"
He replied, " Yeah, I don't mind kissing a girl- I really like that. But, I'm not into the whole ring thing and ceremony thing. What a headache!" With this sage remark, he then took back his silly scissors and skipped back to his desk.

I love seventh graders.

*By deported I mean this: There is a desk that faces a wall in a corner of my classroom. It has been labeled Antartica. (I have called it so because there are no people or animals of any kind there.) When someone is having a hard time concentrating, are too busy entertaining other students to focus on their own work, is creating distractions, etc. I warn them that they will be deported. After that warning, if they continue with their behavior, they get shipped to Antartica. They have to pick up all their belongings and move to that desk. Once seated, they are not allowed to talk to anyone and if anyone talks to or tries to engage them, then they receive a lunch detention.


  1. glad to see you're getting into the swing of things. love the deportation tactic.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Courtney! It helps brighten my day. I'm sure I'll be adding plenty of stories now that the school year has started. Hopefully I'll be able to illustrate a few, too!

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