Monday, July 18, 2005


Just to show that I haven't fallen completely off the illustration wagon, here are a couple of doodles from my sketch book. On the left is a winged pig talking to a feathered friend. (It's hard to see because it's close to the binding-hard to scan.) The right are random things I drew when trying out bird motifs. I'm doing a Swap with Holli and I'm so nervous! I want her to like what I'm making so much, I'm second guessing myself-argh!
Anyway, enjoy the doodles. I should have my I-Fri entry up any day now. That is, if I don't get kicked out of my house tomorrow by potential buyers coming by to view the place. *groan* I wish our house would sell already! What? It's only been five days? Oh, okay....I GUESS I'll try to be patient then.

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  1. Holli's going to love anything you do, I'm sure.
    The little piggy with wings is adorable!


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