Saturday, June 25, 2005


Been gone for three days....

Visited the city I will shortly be moving to in about a month....

Met with realtor (nice lady, a little batty...more later)

Saw 23 houses in one day.

Stayed in a nice hotel and ate junk food all week. (mmmm, Chinese food and Cracker Barrel. NO, I did not eat them together. Gross!)

Had a 12 hour bout of stomach bug...was not pretty. Ate lots of TUMS, berry-flavored..yummy.

Did I mention we saw TWENTY-THREE houses in one day? oh. okay.

Made an offer on a house that does not fit the profile of the Next House We Move Into. However, it does have over $6,000 in home improvements including (but not limited to): new fabulous tile; great, plushy carpet; newly painted rooms; new custom window blinds; gor-g-eous plastered walls; other fabulous wall textures; awesome new fancy fans; to-die-for distressed cabinets; and many other great features.

Went back to Next House We Move Into and Husband took umpteen pictures of rooms. (Some of them bug me because they are almost all close up shots, rather than shots of entire room. The Husband did a good job though, so I will not criticize.)

Had a Brief Meltdown in Cracker Barrel thinking of everything that needs to happen in the next two months.

Watched "Assault on Precint 13" while snacking on gummy bears and popcorn (yes, mixed together) in pj's laying in a California King bed. It was good.

Went and visited the NEW Y.M.C.A. Where I Will Work Out Every Day! (ha-ha) It was Bad-Ass.

Went over financial junk to get approved so that we could Make An Offer on the Next House We Move Into.

Offer was Accepted. Yay! (Current owners of Next House We Move Into are totally cool. We like them A-LOT.)

Have been waking up at 7:00 a.m. for four days. What the heck? This is summer!

Followed guy around for three hours this morning, completing the Home Inspection. Nothing Serious was found. (Whew!)

Drove three hours back home to find plants gasping for water.

Am so brain-dead am writing all sentences as fragments. (BAD English teacher!)

Cringing at the thought of starting a new job at a new school in a new district within two weeks of when we move into Our New House. (Trying to keep*panic* at bay)

Am going to take a nap.


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I hope everything goes great with your move. I just went through all your archives and am in love with your artwork! You are so talented! :)


  2. dee-
    hey! good to hear back from u. i left some comments. ( see- more procrastination) so you saw my new blog? cool cool. yeah, i probably will keep it to myself. your house soundsbeautiful! I'm shure it'll be great. Yes, i remember moving and all the hassle, but i was only 5, so i mainly sat in the truck watchin my parents do all the back-breaking labor. lol hehehe :) So besides all the moving crudd, what else is new with you? me- not a lot. been busy hanging out with friends and my aunt. Guess what!?! Colette, Rachel, Ericka, Stephanie and I all made the Symponic choir for next year! and i think katie did too but i dont want to say for shure in case she didnt. I'm really really really looking forward to that! oh my goodness the FUNNIEST thing happened to me. I was in the passenger seat next to Rhea ( she was driving) and colette was in the back and we were stopped at a light and i turned and saw an older guy, i mean, we're talking like 20's or 30's. I gave him the goofyest big smile and waved. I was cracking up!! and he motioned for me to roll down my window and i did. He thought i was older i guess b/c he was all, " where ya goin?" (with a grin) and i answered, " I dunno! buh bye!!" and drove off. it was hilarious!!! i got 12 1/2 inches taken off my hair 2 weeks ago and it makes me look older, but dang!!! It was funny tho. So i'll letcha go and pack! fun fun! Me and colette, excuse me (colette and I) hehe :) are going shopping! w/b

    lots of luv

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Hey Mrs.S!!! i just got back frm my state tournament and we did really good i pitched awesome!!! so i saw ur house it is really awesome!!hope u have fun up there luv ya lots


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