Monday, May 16, 2005


I am so excited! I just got my information for the Texas SCBWI conference in Arlington this September. I am SO going! Maybe by then I'll have my stuff together, and I might actually have a portfolio that I can get critiqued!

Okay, enough with all the exclamation marks. In other news, I have started an acrylics class, and I love, love, love it. I'm the youngest one in there by at least twenty years, but it's all good. We have a good time chatting it up. :) I'm focusing on adding pieces to my portfolio. The instructor has already given me great advice, even suggesting I take a watercolor steps, man! Anyway, he also suggested I create a "family" of characters in various situations....showing various movements, expressions, etc. Also, he suggested I work on two-three paintings at a time, to maintain color integrity and overall flow. Not bad, huh? Now I'm trying to figure out which of my crazy guys should go into this next batch....I'm off to plan!

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