Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Boooogie Night!

On the Sketchables' blog we've been having fun with themes. I thought I'd share a few pieces if you missed them over there. This is my Monster Mash. This is an idea I've had for at least a year, but every time I tried sketching it out, it refused to work. I'm so happy I've finally got it down. I want to revise the sketch some, add a few more details, etc. but I'm really glad these creatures had a chance to shine, finally.

And here's the after-party at the local twenty-four hour diner. Mummy's giving The Creature From The Black Lagoon the stink-eye for being so slurpy and smacky while he eats! I gotta say, he's got some personality, that Creature. 
Hope everyone had as much fun last night as these spooks! Now it's time to put all of my attention to #PiBoIdMo!

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