Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 52: The Sweet Stuff #3

What's sweeter than friendship?
I'm multi-tasking this week with this illustration. It's over at The Sketchables, is the basis for my Illustration Friday post later this week, and I'm also planning on putting a version of this image in my portfolio.  I thought this would work, but realized I needed to amp it up a bit and put a little more action in there. So these two will be enjoying each other's company in a more dynamic way. I still like this sweet scene, though.


  1. Great characters! The interaction between these two is really nice. Perhaps there could be room for a quiet and an action scene with the same characters to show continuity.

  2. Such a sweet and cozy moment between two unlikely friends! I love how you created such a believable setting with a fireplace and a couple chairs! Love it, Diandra!

  3. I am eggstatic that you shared them with the nest of us! Great characters!


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